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You Should Have Known Better
God Bless the Beatles III


The Escapades of Useless Knowledge

Where do YOU rank in the hierarchy of useless Beatle knowledge?
1. In 1964, Ed Sullivan booked the Beatles for a three-performance gig on their first American visit. How much money, in total, were they paid?
a) $10,000.
b) $25,000.
c) $50,000.
d) $100,000.

2. What significant event took place on April 10, during the 8 year span of the Beatles thriving career?
a) Stuart Suttcliffe died.
b) Paul proposed to Jane Asher.
c) The Beatles officially broke up.
d) Both A and C.

3. According to John's answers for a teen-magazine survey, what did he prefer eating for breakfast?
a) Toast, eggs, and tea.
b) Cornflakes.
c) Bacon strips and eggs.
d) Pancakes.

4. In 1968, an apple scruff managed to break into George and Pattie's home at Kinfauns. What did they steal?
A statue.
A painting.
Pattie's trousers and George's pajamas.
A box of cigarettes, and a record.

5. Which of the following was NOT originally released as a single?
"Roll Over, Beethoven".
"Eight Days a Week".
"Day Tripper".
"I'm Down".

6. In 1964, what was George's favorite color?
a) Blue.
b) Orange.
c) Purple.
d) Red.

7. Which Beatle son could legally be proclaimed as a bastard (a child having been born before his parents were married)?
a) James McCartney.
b) Dhani Harrison.
c) Julian Lennon.
d) Jason Starkey.

8. Finish the following lyric, from a Beatle song. "Then we will remember..."
a) "...love will always live."
b) "...kisses shared today."
c) "...feelings, soft and true."
d) "...things we said today."

9. Whom, of the following, was the Beatle roadie?
Neil Aspinall.
Brian Epstein.
Mal Evans.
Derek Taylor.

10. True or False. "A Spaniard in the Works" and "In His Own Write", both John Lennon poetry books, were somewhere displayed in the Beatles first two movies, "A Hard Day's Night" and "Help!".
True. They could be seen in the backround of a couple quick shots.
False. No such thing occured.
"In His Own Write" was in one of them, but I don't remember ever spotting "Spaniard in the Works".
"A Spaniard in the Works" was in one of them, but I don't remember ever spotting "In His Own Write".

11. In 1976, the producer of Saturday Night Live made an offer to the four Beatles to reunite on their show. How much was he bribing them?
a) $10,000.
b) $3,000.
c) $300,000.
d) $1,000,000.

12. Whom, of the following, did not appear on the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover?
a) Mae West.
b) Edgar Allen Poe.
c) Albert Einstein.
d) They were all on there...duh.

13. Who was the first Beatle to release a solo album?
a) George Harrison.
b) Paul McCartney.
c) John Lennon.
d) That other guy (come on, how many of you would actually guess Ringo?).

14. Which recording artist did NOT get there start with the Beatles Record Label, Apple?
Mary Hopkins.
James Taylor.
Neil Young.

15. At the Beatles Shea Stadium performance in 1965, the lads were having so much fun laughing, and playing around. John actually played the keyboard with his ELBOWS, during what song?
"I Feel Fine".
"Baby's in Black".
"I'm Down".

16. Which blonde bombshell was not a Beatle infatuation during their adolescent years?
a) Marilyn Monroe.
b) Brigitte Bardot.
c) Jayne Mansfield.
d) Carol Baker.

17. What was so unique about the song, "Rain"?
a) It was the first song, turned into a promotional video.
b) It was the first Beatle song to feature backward vocals.
c) Ringo had a chipped tooth during the filming of the promo tape.
d) It was the first Beatle single.

18. How does the song "Norwegian Wood" end?
a) John loses his one and only love.
b) John wakes up with a neck cramp, from sleeping in the bath.
c) John sets the house on fire.
d) John and his mystery girl make love.

19. Which of the following is not a Beatle lyric?
"You're lines engaged."
"I can know the ways of heaven."
"Young country boy."
"And love has ended."

20. And our very last question...who really WAS the biggest?

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