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Blonde Power!!!

God Bless the Beatles III


~A Tale of Two Blondes~
Long, long ago...or maybe not that long...there lived two distant beauties, seperated by land, but connected by sharing a common love for The Beatles. Each lived out their own lives, going to school in the mornings, and worshipping the Fabs by evening. Both had a fondess for make-up and beauty, as well as a weakness for shopping and hot guys. Their similar tendancies were astonishing (how much they thought alike, acted alike). They both were passionate for the same things, and even the same guys...but it was the Beatles that initially brought them together. And not long after that, a friendship ensued. One so dear and sacred, it brought a little bit of extra happiness into their daily lives. The two blonde beaus continued to write one another, and be there for eachother when they needed a helping hand the most. They shared eachother's joys and laughters, woes and sorrows. Today, those two blondes are still very close friends, over a year after they first met. One year later, has indeed been a wild ride...but with friends like eachother, it makes life just a little bit brighter.









Sabrina and Brianna FOREVER!!!