Beatle Tales

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God Bless The Beatles

We all know the facts, the figures, the compositions that made up the Beatles as a band. But what about all those silly stories that go untold or unrecognized? This page is here to focus on the less frequently heard Beatle stories. Read what true Beatle tales we have to offer, and if you know a good one, you can send it in too!


The Beatles Meet Ali

In 1964 when the Beatles raided the states, everyone became a part of the mania. While teenagers swooned over their boys and chased the Beatles' taxis, celebrities had their say, including Elvis Presley who sent a telegram with his regards (later to be discovered, he wanted the boys OUT). The Beatles' second stop on the US Tour: Miami, Florida. This is where they were scheduled to meet a boxer in person. The lads insisted they wished to meet the winner of the last match, so their roadie tried talking to the brute. But the winning champion was not thrilled at the idea of meeting them, and refused selfishly to even see them. So the Beatles were stuck with meeting Cassius Clay later renamed Muhammad Ali giving photographers a pay day! Their cameras snapped away, as Ali played with the lads. He picked on Ringo quite a bit, particularly for his height and small weight. Ali was a real ham around the boys, and accumilated all the attention for the publicity shots. He looked down on the Beatles, like he was the big-shot and they were just here to meet their "idol". Afterwards, the Beatles were fed up! They left angrily and bitterly, not to speak to their roadie for a long while. In those days, NO ONE outshined the Beatles.


Press Fest Gone Wrong

It was the most unorganized publicity party the Beatles ever got themselves into! The party was in a big, dining room where the lads would be surrounded by the press, photographers, socializers, and fans. No restraints, no guards, no order. The Beatles tried to keep cool heads about it, when John's frusteration piled up. The girls never stopped asking for autographs and it was getting out-of-control. Finally, one girl pushed the limit: A teenaged girl reached over and snipped off a big lock of Ringo's hair! Ringo felt in horror and John, witnessing the crime, cried out loud profanities. The boys left immediantly and arranged that they would never attend another unsupervised party.


Blowin' In The Wind

The Beatles couldn't have arrived at Sydney, Australia at a worse time. Their plane landed at a crowded airport, flocked with millions of waiting fans and to make matters worse, the weather was heavy with rain. As the boys got off the plane, the screams began of heart-ached fans watching their loves finally arrive. Some of the girls had waited a full 24 hours in advance just in getting a good spot to watch the lads arrive. Now it had happened. The boys borded a big truck and stood in the back. Their guards and roadies all exclaimed, "Are you mad?! Its pooring out here, you can't be out in the rain? Tell the driver to go faster!" But the driver answered, "Look. These girls have been waiting for days just to see these guys. I don't care if its porring down rain, these girls are gonna see them!" Of corse, the lads didn't mind the rain. They were cute and pleasant as the car drove slowly by, holding useless umbrellas over-head. The wind had picked up so it wasn't as if the umbrellas were any good. Finally, the Beatles reached their departing vehicle and got inside, soaked through to the skin! They got into their hotel safely and still sopping wet. George hopped right into a warm shower, and just as he got out he heard the mobs of sobbing girls outside, screaming for the boys to come out. To their pleasant surprise, a wet George Harrison came out on the balcony to greet them, waving and smiling, wearing only a towel around his waist!!! We hope for them, it was a windy day!


Hayley Mills AND the Beatles?

How would cute, Disney actress Hayley Mills have any connection to the Beatles? In 1964, Hayley was often socializing with the Beatles in various events. On March 20, 1964 George escorted Hayley Mills and her mother to a midnight matinee charity benefit showing of Charade at the Regal Cinema in Henley-on-Thames. The teen magazines proclaimed it, "Hayley Mills goes on a date with a Beatle!" In those times, teen magazines tend to mix up facts or over-exaggerate the truth. In actuality, George had met Pattie Boyd earlier that month but he was already commited to escorting Hayley to Charade.


Cause and Effect

In 1965, the second Beatle film was in the making! It was to be called "Help!", a fun comedy less realistic than the first Beat-flick. As everything was being set into place, a screenplay writer finally finished the original script for the movie when suddenly, that author died! After his funeral, a new script had to be written, a new plot, and a new movie which was "Help!". People often dismissed the original author's fate since the second movie was such a hit. But there is an important element they over-look, a cause-and-efftect motion. During the filming of "Help!" is when George Harrison was first introduced to the sitar, leading him to gain an interest in Eastern culture music and religion. He became so facinated by it, he bought himself a cheap sitar and began to play. From there, the Beatles recorded several classics like "Norwegian Wood" and "Love Me Too" using George's sitar as back-up. This inspired many pop artists at the time to investigate this foreign instrument. Then, leading George to study Eastern philosophies whereas he took the Beatles on holiday to Rishi Kesh. At Rishi Kesh, ageless photos were taken, and inspired Beatle music, written (for example, "Dear Prudence" and "Across the Universe"). The Maharishi era became a part of the Beatles, and though he betrayed them with a sexual affair to friend and actress, Mia Farrow, John wrote "Sexy Sadie" in light of what happened. From there on, George's music reflected his new found inner peace, love, and happiness from this religion he discovered. Songs like "My Sweet Lord" and "Give Me Love" would sell millions. Even today, George still holds his faith in Hinduism. And the irony of it all is: NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR OF "HELP!" HADN'T DIED, AND THE FIRST SCRIPT WAS USED!!!