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*GBB* Designables
God Bless the Beatles III

The Orgin of *God Bless the Beatles* Designables:
Today on the market, you can find TONS of Beatle merchandise, whether it's a Beatle mug to a Beatle mousepad. However, when it comes to Beatle apparell, it always feels like us girls are getting the fuzzy end of the lollypop. Any Beatle shirt you find comes in two sizes: large, and eXtra large. They fit baggy and awkwardly, hanging off your shoulders, gaping on your back, and ending usually above your knee. Thus, typically, Beatle shirts on the market today are ALL but fashionable. But all hope was not lost when your faithful webmaster discovered the beauty of...*drum roll, please*...heat-transfer computer paper.
Heat Transfer What Now?
Heat activated computer paper is God's magical way of allowing one to print an image off their computer, and iron it on their own personalized shirt, that THEY provide (meaning, no more big, bulky white Beatle shirts for you!). Depending on which type you buy, you have the option of ironing the picture of your liking onto ANY color shirt, light or dark. And best of all, heat transfer computer paper generally runs for $10-$12 (for 10 sheets). So it's convenient AND affordable.
So where do these *GBB* Designables come in?
Once you've picked out your own, fab fitting top and have purchased your heat transfer computer paper, it's time to print out a gorgeous logo/image. But you want your crafty home-made shirt took look classy...not cheap. By ironing on a perfect square/rectangular image, your shirt looks plain, boring, and worst of all, OBVIOUSLY homemade. Not too impressive. That's where *GBB* Designables come in handy! We have taken the time to design several different professional looking and simply adorable images to iron on your shirt! These Designables are fun, cute, and very fashionable! You're shirt will look like you bought it straight out of a Beatles catalogue once you've created your personalized top, with one of our adorable logos. Check out the selection below, and pick out your favorite image. You can use them all, if you'd like! The perfect way to add a little spunk to your wardrobe.


"Beatle Hearts"


Works Best On: White, Light Pink, and Fushcia Colored Tops.

"George of the Jungle"


Works Best On: White, Lilac, and Lavender Colored Shirts.

"The New Yorker"


Works Best On: WHITE. The intention of this design is to let the edges fade into your top, to create a hazey effect. The finishing result is really neat!

"Mod Paul"


Works Best On: BLACK. You *can* put this one on Red or White, but it's another one of those designs intended to be used on a certain color.

*Designable Tips*:
It is *essential* that before printing out any of these pictures, you MUST flip the image, so that the *god bless the beatles* logo is backwards. Do NOT flip vertically, horizontally, upside down or whatever else. The flipped picture should look like it's mirror image.
Make sure the shirt you choose for ironing is all cotton, or polymixed fibers. It should fit you not to loosely, but *not* too tightly.
When about to iron the image, also make sure it's strategically placed. If you have a horizontal picture, try putting it above the space of your chest (so as to not stretch out or break the picture).
* Read your heat-transfer computer paper instructions CAREFULLY. To keep your shirt in good condition, don't neglect to study the washing instructions. :-)
***And most importantly of all, HAVE FUN!!! If you make an awesome shirt using one of our logos, tell us about it! Let us know how it turned out. Send us a picture of yourself wearing it, and we'll put it up on the site. Happy Making!