God Bless the Beatles III
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If Pictures Could Talk II

They're baaaack! More talking pictures for your viewing delight. Click here to visit the original *If Pictures Could Talk*.


[The Day Ringo's Career Took a Turn for the Worse]
"You can have my dignity, but please, don't steal my choo-choo train!"


"Members of the press, I salute you!"


"Mr. Bubbles, you're a great listener."


Ringo: George, are you sure this is how that instrument is suppose to be used?
George: Silence, you fool!


"Geoff, this isn't funny anymore."


"I've got PMS and a gun. You were saying?"


Heather: Break it down, homie dudes!
Paul: Irish style.


As the doctor said on the day she was born - "It's gonna get ugly."


"I think I've got the Black Lung!"


"Tell Castro he can f*%& himself!"