God Bless the Beatles III
My Barbara Amore
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Remember the days when it actually *meant* something to be a Bond girl? Poise, charm, class, and true beauty. These were the elements that composed such Bond beauties, as Shirley Eaton, Dianna Rigg, Ursella Andress, and most famously, Barbara Bach - Ringo's current wife. Barbara could trully steal the show, with her exotic and alluring sex-kitten visage. She pertained a unique bone-structure, lithe physique, and year-round tan that captivated male audiences everywhere. With her green eyes and pouty lips, Barbara was nothing short of a natural beauty. These days, less than adequate so-called Bond girls have replaced the past beaus, such as Denise Richards (we're all familiar with her style of work - does "Wild Thing" come to mind?). Sexy, sultry James Bond costars have turned into cheesy Academy Award Winning stars, or notorious (and permiscuous) lookers. We went from discovering unknown talent, like Ursella Andress, to casting well-known and highly over-rated beach babes. *GBB* proudly recognizes and admires the TRUE Bond girls, in particular, the lovely and elegant Barbara Bach. She posseses a beauty so mezmorizing and talent, quite remarkable. We love you, Barbie!