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The Pattie Boyd Project
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What is it about Pattie Boyd?


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What is it about Pattie Boyd that makes us love her so? What about her, are we perpetually facinated by? Like a certain je n'ai se quoi, Pattie Boyd has been the topic of many pages on this site. We have discussed nearly every element about her, from the wisp of her golden blonde hair to the puckering pout that graces her face. It is hard to answer these questions, in regard to our ever-intrigued interest in Pattie. When *I* look at Pattie, I can sense a certain familiarity that one can identify with. A shy, innocent girl-next-door type, who loved to please and only wished for the love she conveyed to be reciprocated back to her. She was beautiful, and undoubtedly aware, of her own exquisiteness; yet when you look at her pictures, or read some of the things she has to say, there is not a trace of conceit, or arrogance about her. Pattie left an air of gracefulness within her presence, and perhaps it was that exuberant feminity that continues to draw Beatle fans alike, into admiration for this great woman.


During the 1960's, female fans had either one of two outlooks on the current Beatle girlfriend at the time. One, she was courageous, beautiful and an admirable leading role model, who was worthy of imitation. Or two, the complete opposite: for this was the "stealer" of their beloved George, and surely, she deserved no respect. Pattie faced the best of fame, and the worst. While she was adorned in fan mail and good wishes (especially amongst readers to her monthly column, "Pattie's Letter from London"), she also faced the wrath of angry mobs or zealous Beatle fans who would often stalk, spit at, kick, and even attack the Beatle's girlfriend, when she stepped foot outside the Harrison home, in Esher. Many times, George would have to approach these hate stricken teenyboppers, who lingered outside the Kinfauns estate, and tell them to stop (though the message didn't quite get through, as the girls were too busy staring).


In this day and age greets a new generation of Beatle fans. Instead of blinded jealousy and resentment towards the Beatle girls, it's more likely that the newer generation actually looks up to these brilliant women. We are trully *inspired* (in every sense of the word). These girls have intentionally or even subliminally changed the way we think, act, and especially look. As said by many a great wisemen, "imitation is the highest form of flattery". As long as it does not become obsessive or extreme, carrying on the image of your idol is a great way of expressing your admiration for them. On this page, we will teach you the tips and tricks to what we'd like to call, The Pattie Boyd Project - an imitator's dream guide! Whether you'd like to adopt an eye for Pattie fashions, or feel overall more glamorous (in a very *mod* way), The Pattie Boyd Project will show you how to find yourself more sympatico with the beautiful, the radiant: Pattie Boyd!

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*A Princess Presence*
Although Pattie's film career was limited to a single word ("Prisoners?"), she *did* make several recognizable appearances in her minor movie debut, "A Hard Day's Night". The train sequence is where we are introduced to Pattie, who plays a youthful, doughy eyed schoolgirl named Jean. In most of her scenes, Jean is accompanied by her fellow school mates (all of which are dressed in a grey Mary Quant mini, white collared undershirts and ties). But Pattie does get her moment in the spotlight when she manages to sneak into the closed off room, where the lads break into "I Should Have Known Better". A coy and flustered Jean, bobs her head with delight, smiles broadly, and uses innocent hand gestures, to convey excitement and enthusiasm. In her final scene, we see Jean backed against the wall of the train, eyes wide open, and a nervous finger perched in her lips, as she watches the boys make their escape. Thus concluding our Pattie Boyd filmography.


What can we learn from this simplistic yet memorable piece of film history? A whole lot, that's what! Pattie Boyd's big demeanor proved be a virtuous, and childlike charm. She didn't use big displays of flesh to gather your attention. All it took was a teeth-flashing smile, ready-to-kiss lips pucker, or innocent, battering eyelashes. There was a naivete is the way Pattie presented herself, and that very pureness made her all the more charming. So how can this be applied for a Pattie imitator? Watch and rewatch the train sequence, in AHDN, with care. Observe and take note of simple mannerisms (whether its the way she hangs a finger from her pouting lips, or the attentive face she makes as she's concentrating studiously).

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*Voice of an Angel*
Spotting a televised interview with Pattie Boyd is almost as common as coming across a naked picture of George; though it would be a real pleasant discovery, chances are, it's not going to happen anytime soon. Thus, we Beatle girls have got to work with what we've got (which in this instance, is not a lot). Pattie's published voice clips are minimal. There's been film footage that includes shots of her and George kissing at a press conferences, as well as her presence in the promotional video for "Something". However, in neither of these newsreels is sound present, particularly voices. If you have selective hearing, perhaps you could "mind your music" and listen to the track, "Yellow Submarine" a few times (where it's said Pattie took part in the chorus). You are not guarenteed to distinguish her voice (and don't feel bad if you can't). Rumors have circulated that Pattie may have had a tiny *hint* of a lisp. I, myself, have listened to her one-liner, "Prisoners?", many a time and you can *sort of* make the distinction - but the lisp is so subtle that its hardly worth imitating. Another interesting prospect about her one line...where's the British accent? Pattie spent a good majoriy of her early years growing up in Africa, and it wasn't until her later teens, that the Boyd family moved back to England. I am not suggesting she didn't HAVE a British accent. Honestly, I couldn't tell you, as there is just not enough sound footage of Pattie's speaking voice. But however you chose to emulate Pattie's voice, remember to keep it soft, sweet, and as always, innocent.

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*Making Faces*
If you have any history with this site, you should be well acquainted with the many make-up application skills discussed on various pages (refer to *Making Faces* for further instructions). It would be silly to re-write how to create the Pattie look, when it's already been thuroughly examined and discussed on different pages. However, this section of our imitator's guide will briefly look over the basics for any MUST HAVES when it comes to Pattie Boyd make-up. What are the key essential products needed to coordinate her mod look? How can you adopt a steady hand whence applying your sassy, liquid liner?


One rule to learn (and learn it well, my friend): Dark eyes, pale lips. Repeat after me - dark eyes; pale lips. When applying your Pattie Boyd make-up, this should be your mantra! The main emphasis on a true *mod*ern look were the eyes. Sixties posh birds would decorate their eyes in thick, precise eyeliner, heavy coats of mascara and false lashes, and pencilled lashes on the bottom lash line. Luckily for all you more conservative Pattie Princesses, *our* leading lady was not advent, in caking on layers of eye make-up. She had a way of keeping her make-up simple, yet MOD. Pretty, but not flashy. I myself could go either way - the mod extremes (false lashes, black shadow, the whole bit) or the softer contrast of Ms. Boyd. To acheive that glamorous Pattie eye make-up, the essential tools are a. black or dark brown liquid eyeliner, b. a dark shaded eyeshadow (preferably in the warm browns), and c. volumizing and lash lengthening mascara. Again, you can read out the full instruction sheet for applying make-up like Pattie's on our *Making Faces* page, but this is just an outline of what you'll need. Our additional advice on perfecting the Pattie eye: 1) Instead of painting an upward clef at the end of her eyeliner line, Pattie often kept her line winged downwards. This is a tip she mentioned on her own make-up instructions, for her 16 column. It contoured with her face shape, and left a flattering illusion of a "rounder" eye. 2) One of the first things George Harrison noticed about Ms. Boyd, were her beautiful baby blue eyes. Unfortunately, a good majority of us were not born with naturally, sparkling blue eyes, but that doesn't mean we can't fake it. You can try picking up a pair of soft color contact lenses (in shade "Blue" - do NOT get the trio-color lenses. These look incredibly fake, and not only that, but make eyes appear to be bulged or pertuding). Prescription, or non-prescription lenses are available. 3) Though it isn't necessary, false lashes *do* create a zesty touch to your Pattie visage. A pair of falsies can run very cheap, and they are made in various lengths and intensities. For a Pattie imitator, you should focus more on thick lashes, than long lashes.


Pattie's lips were nothing short of PERFECTION. Next to her dazzling eyes, these had to be one of her best features. Again, very few of us are fortunate enough to have naturally full, pouty lips. But thanks to the wonderful world of cosmetics...yes, you CAN fake it! We highly recommend trying a lip plumping gel. Pretty and painless, these affective products can temporarily enhance the volume of your lips, or even increase colligen production. I have tried many, and here is what I have found works best. 1) BeneFits Lip Plump. Dab on a bit of this and pat for a few minutes to create a poutier, kissable mouth. The results are subtle but you can definitely feel the difference. 2) Joey New York Super Duper Lip Plumper. Despite the silly name, this lip tonic gel *really* works wonders! Apply gel over lips and rub in circular patterns, off-and-on for seven minutes. Very nice outcome. 3) The last and without a doubt BEST product: Lip Explosions Vorexin Gel. You can order this at various locations on the Internet (ranging from $29-$50 a tube!). This magical lp plumping gel actually increases colligen production in your lips, so not only do you leave the house with a gorgeous pout, but overtime, continued use can perminently change your lip volume! I find this product the most effective. It really does the trick!

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*Spritz on the Glitz*
Dressing like Pattie Boyd is another fun aspect to imitate because the possibilites are endless and forever cute! Her sense of style evolved over the years, from the days of dainty miniskirts in 1964, to a more coming of age *mod* wardrobe in '66, then again, evolving in '67-'68 into a hippie's dream, and back to classy and elegance near the end of the decade. What a variety, I know! The best part is, whatever *era* of Pattie courture you wish to emulate is purely up to YOU. It doesn't only have to mimic Pattie, but can also reflect a piece of YOU. There isn't a single store out there I could name and proudly declare, "This is exactly where you can find ALL your Pattie attire!" Finding Pattie ensembles is more of a scavenger's hunt than just ONE store. They could honestly be anywhere. You have a good shot at finding some cool vintage at your neighborhood thrift store, but even the mall could be a safe bet, as *mod* continues to come back in style. For now, let's closely examine each period of Pattie clothing, so as you can chose your favorite and identify what you'll need to look for on your next shopping adventure.


*The Innocent Age*


1964-1965. What to look for: Knee-length, form-fitting skirts. Peacoats. Fishnet stockings. Small heeled, pointy toed shoes. Baby doll fashions. Updo hairstyles. Feminine collared shirts, with ties (a la' "A Hard Day's Night"). Knee length tube socks. Polka dots. Headbands, with flipped hair.


*The Mod Age*


1966-1967. What to Look For: More colorful fabrics. Geometric patterns. Embroidered hose. Miniskirts. Big belts. Mod style earrings (big loops, hanging circles, etc). Long, straight hair (longer bangs, less flip). Deeper tans. Bucket hats. Verticle stripes. Color-lensed shades.


*The Hippie Age*


1967-1968. What to Look For: Longer flowing hair. Accessories out the whazoo (long strings of beads, hippie headbands, scarves, colorful shades). Decorative go-go boots (preferably in color - ex. purple). Short dresses, with long poofy sleeves. Wild, and flambouyant fabrics and patterns. Bracelets, and rings.


*The Refined Age*

1969-1970. What to Look For: The signature "little black dress". *Big* trendy hats. Pearl necklaces, feather boas. Tightly, bound spiralling curls. Thinly tweezed eyebrows. Darker lipsticks. V-neck blouses and gowns. Long, flowy dresses and scarves. White ruffled dresses. Feminine cuts and lines.


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And thus, the Pattie Boyd Project comes to a close. The hair, make-up, clothes, mannerisms and voice all in mind, we encourage you to invite just a little bit of Pattie Boyd into your daily life. As little as a teethy, little girl smile, or as much as an entire Pattie-based wardrobe, emulating this spectacular woman can add a little glamour into your life. So smile away, and show off the new you. After all, there's a little bit of Pattie in all of us. :)

All text on this page is Copyright   *God Bless the Beatles*. You may not reproduce any of the above text content without my permission. I have spent a GREAT quantity of time collecting, scanning, and editting all images found on this page, thus I strongly wish you NOT steal any of these pictures. Please have respect for the Empress's hard work. Thank you.