God Bless the Beatles III
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Beatle Horoscopes


Heather Mills - 12 January 1968.
*January* Baby. You were Heather Mills in a past life, which means the glitz and glamour of sparkling diamonds have always secretly caught your eye. Aside from publicity and fame, there is a softer side of you that feels very strongly about a certain cause. You are dedicated and loyal.


George Harrison - 25 February 1943.
*February* Baby. You were George Harrison in a past life, giving you a mysterious and charismatic charm. Sometimes, you tend to fade into the shadow of your clan, and don't stand out above the rest. However, you have a warm heart and kindred soul; more people love you than you really know.


Pattie Boyd - 17 March 1945.
*March Baby*. You were Pattie Boyd in a past life, you temptress, you. Carrying a poiseful smile and positive attitude, the March *Baby* posesses strength and admirable qualities. Not only are you beautiful, but you are the envy of many around you!


Jane Asher - 05 April 1946.
*April Baby*. You were Jane Asher in a past life, and you're star quality is - naturalness. While others are striving to impress and gain a superficial kind of admiration, you have always been yourself and never sought anything else. Almost like the girl next door, you are cute, with a vast amount of talents.


*May* Baby. You were the unknown element in a past life - that being, you did not share a birthday with ANYONE in the Beatles circle. It can take a lot for you to put your guard down, but when you do, there's an endless array of possibilities and complexities to the real you. You continue to facinate and mystify those around you.


Paul McCartney - 18 June 1942.
*June* Baby. You were Paul McCartney in a past life, making you a very powerful, and successful human being. Your very existance has changed the lives of many. In terms of personallity, you seem to shine through above your clan. Perhaps you enjoy the attention and glory a little bit much, so be careful about not letting this get to your head.


Ringo Starr - 07 July 1940.
*July* Baby.  You were Ringo Starr in a past life. Within your clan, you are witty, soft spoken, though often those around you can underestimate the powers of your capabilities. But don't let the ignorance of others get you down - you run the least chances of making arrogant, self-righteous steps toward notority, and people will respect you for it. You have retained your dignity.


Dhani Harrison - 01 Aug 1978.
*August* Baby. You were Dhani Harrison in a past life. Following the footsteps of your blood predecessor, you strive to be at peace with yourself, and shun the outside world. While keeping a down to earth persona, you have grown to become an honest, and geuinely brilliant human being. Beautiful and humble, there is much to learn from the *August* Baby.


Cynthia Powell - 10 Sep 1939.
*September* Baby. You were Cynthia Powell in a past life. You posess a very big heart, that welcomes the company of anyone who promises to reciprocate the love you have to offer. Times have been hard on the *September* Baby, and you've lived and learned immensley. You are wise beyond your years, and strong to match.


John Lennon - 08 October 1940.
*October* Baby. You were John Lennon in a past life, making you one of the most difficult and strangely irresistable people of your time! Complex, sensual, and poignant, you will speak your mind, despite the consequences. You are artisticly brilliant, and some say you may be nothing short of a genious.


Pete Best - 24 Nov 1941.
*November* Baby. You were Pete Best in a past life. Few people recognize the impact you've made on this world, by playing a part in the beginning stages of something huge. You have contributed only a fraction, but by default, have induced change in the world around you. Using the name you have, stay true to yourself.


Heather McCartney (Paul's Daughter) - 31 Dec 1963.
*December* Baby. You were Heather McCartney in a past life, the offspring of a great person. Instead of using your title as an endorsement to bring success upon yourself, the *December* Baby takes the world alone and reaches out to conquer on their own behalf. This makes you repectable in our eyes. Shine on.