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How well do YOU know Pattie Boyd? Aside from all the beauty gossip and fashion tips, there was so much more to this legendary Beatle beau. She led an extroadinary life, filled with triumphs and achievments, struggles and sorrows. From the early years of making it as a model to the two failed marriages that would leave her psychologically wounded. Chances are, you have probably already read the "basic" biographies - meeting George on the set of "A Hard Day's Night", then divorcing him in '77, when she was smitten by his bestfriend, Eric Clapton. But since we at *GBB* strive to avoid any form of "traditional" content, this page will focus on the more interesting, and lesser known facts in the life and times of Pattie Boyd.

* Born in Somerset, England, Patricia Ann Boyd was the eldist of *six* children. Colin, Helen, Paula, David, and Robert (the last of which was born in 1955) were all the children of father, Colin Taylor Lee Boyd, and mother, Diana Jones.

* In 1949, at the early age of five years old, young Pattie and her family were relocated to Kenya, Africa, where they lived for five years. In that time, tensions mounted between Colin and Diana. As their marriage soon fell apart, Diana packed up her six children and moved the family back to England.

* Growing up, Pattie's closest sibling was Helen. She had a doll named Jenny, which was quickly adopted as Helen's new nickname. The fake monicker would stick, even once she became an aspiring model in later years.

* Becoming a model professionally, had never even occured to Pattie, until one fateful day at the hair salon, where she was working as a full time hairdresser. Pattie describes the scenerio: "I was working for Elizabeth Arden in the hairdressing department and somebody from a magazine came in and asked whether I'd ever considered being a model. It's the classic story - I said no and she told me to go along to see her, which I did. We took some photographs and I was introduced to an agent. For the first three months it was quite hard work, walking round and seeing photographers, and then eventually I started getting some jobs and my career took off."

* In her own words, "I had an interview, for what I thought was a commercial, but it turned out to be for the Beatles's film A Hard Days Night. I panicked because I never wanted to be an actress but I didn't have a speaking part, I was just a schoolgirl. It was very embarrassing to meet the Beatles dressed as a schoolgirl - I so wanted to be glamorous and grown up."

* As you all know, this is where a spark flew between our dear Pattie Boyd, and George Harrison. At the time, she had a steady boyfriend (her photographer). She wanted to stay true to her guy back home, however the temptation of seeing where things might go with George was equally as enticing. He continued asking her out, until she finally gave in. ""I thought he was very good looking and charming. All of the Beatles were so glamorous and it was exciting to meet such famous people."

* It became quite clear Pattie's interest in George was beginning to blossom, and thus, her old boyfriend and she mutually broke up. With he out of the picture, Pattie and George's relationship grew. Within a year, they were living together.

* Beatle fans did NOT take kindly to the new Beatle girlfriend. Particularly in '65 at the Beatles' Christmas concert, Pattie explains, "I scraped my hair back so that no one would recognize me, but a few did and started punching. They took their shoes off and shouted, 'Let's go and get her.' Terry managed to drag me toward a side exit, with the girls kicking me. Some followed me out and started kicking me again. I told them to stop. 'Who do you think you are?' they asked. They were such horrid little girls. They were so tiny, no more than 13 or 14 years old."

* January 21, 1966, George Harrison and Pattie Boyd are wed. Paul McCartney was the only Beatle in attendance, but the others sent their good wishes and expensive, luxury gifts.

* In the beginning years of their marriage, Pattie said she still wanted to continue modelling. It was her passion, and nothing could take it away from her. Nothing that is, except George. In his eternal desire for the least amount of press as possible (and the most amount of privacy), George told Pattie he wanted her to be yet another stay-at-home English wife, who tended the household and cooked the meals (legend has it, Pattie was an excellent cook!). It was with a heavy heart, Pattie slowly began to give up her career as a model. With her husband constantly touring, recording, and all the obligations that go along with stardom, she often found herself lonely, in an empty home.

* Even after the couple was wed, fans never ceased to dwell outside the Harrison estate. George loosely nicknamed them the "apple scruffs". On several occassions, a fan would successfully break into their home. Says Pattie, "They got into our bedroom and stole a pair of my trousers and George's pajamas."

* The late '60s could be summed up in four words: drugs, sex and religious awakening. These were the years when studying Eastern philosophy was the latest trend, and casual sex was at an all time high. In height of these times, George developed many one-night stands, and his adulterous ways, as well as his growing obsession for religious enlightment took a toll on his marriage to Pattie. Many people began speculating why the two hadn't bore any children, after several years of married life. It's been said that the reason, wasn't a lack of sex life, but perhaps that Pattie physically could NOT produce children (she was infertile). In her own words, "It happens for a lot of women - they suddenly realise that they can't have children. And it's so disappointing because one grows up thinking that you naturally will be able to have children and when it doesn't happen it's a shock."

* In 1965, Pattie was introduced to Eric Clapton for the first time. It wasn't until the '70s though, that his sick obsession with her came into play. During this time when the Harrisons' marriage was on hietus, Pattie longed to regain her husband's affection. She figured by flirting with Eric a little, maybe this would spark his jealousy. But if only she knew that her innocent plan would backfire, when Clapton fell madly in love with her.

* "If you don't run away with me, I'll take this." This was the threat Eric proposed one night to Pattie, while holding up a fat packet of heroin. She desperately tried taking the pack away from him, but Eric meant buisness. He would try everything he could to win her over. During the corse of the '70s, he even went through a stage of a dangerous drug addiction.

* As if things betwen George and Pattie weren't bad enough, a drunken George announced one night at dinner, that he had fallen in love with Ringo Starr's wife, Maureen. Illegidly, they had had an affair. Ringo just rolled his eyes, though Pattie was completely heartbroken.

* Finally realizing their marriage was beyond repare, George agreed to divorce Pattie in 1977. They had both found new love interests by then - for he, a beautiful Mexican secretary working in the office, name Olivia. For she, Eric.

* Pursuing a relationship with Eric Clapton, he assured her that his drug addiction was definitely *over*. Trouble is, an abuse of alcohol replaced his former addiction! The newly wed couple already began facing the same problems from her previous marriage - drugs, adultry, and abandonment. Not only was Eric a dangerous alcoholic, but he was sleeping around and within the time of their marriage, had two children from two different women! Finally, Pattie bad bad it! The couple filed for divorce in the later '80s.

* Finding a love companion after George and Eric, proved to be near impossible. Through so many years of being treated poorly, and having to deal with such derranged men, any guy that was kind or nice to Pattie repelled her - as she put it, it wasn't enough of a "challenge". She had gotten so used to her mistreatment that it became hard to develope a loving relationship.

* Eventually, she DID meet a new man. They never married, but the couple moved in together and are still an item today. These days, Pattie has two major involvements- photography and charity work (an alcoholic orevention organization). She lives a quiet life in London now, away from the media and press. In regards to her roller-coaster past, she leaves us with this statement,  "No regrets. I think everything I've done has gone to make me what I am today. I look back in order to look forward, but I don't look back longingly."