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Miss Beatle Chick 2003 Contest
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In 1965, the Beatles were awarded the British MBC, granted by the royal family as a metal of honor. Now, it's time for *God Bless the Beatles* take on the MBC - Miss Beatle Chick 2003! With the success of last year's competition, we are officially reinstating everyone's favorite look-a-like contest for the new year. But in order to make this round as fun and exciting as last year's competition, we need YOUR participation! What's the goal of our little contest here? To find and (cyberly) crown the best Beatle girl look-a-like out there! Even if you think you don't particularly resemble any of those Beatle wives/girlfriends, *GBB* has provided our viewers with some awesome make-up tips that can help just about any doll out there go Beatle Chick Mod! So what are you waiting for?

Contest Rules:
1) In order to be eligable for the contest, you must email the Empress, including your Name, Email Address, Age, and which Beatle Girl you are enterring as. Be sure to attach a fabulous picture of yourself with the email.
2) You may only enter as the following: Pattie Boyd, Olivia Harrison, Jenny Boyd, Cynthia Powell, Yoko Ono, Jane Asher, Linda Eastmen, Barbara Bach, or Maureen Cox. Notice we've added a couple people to the list? No HEATHER MILLS or FRANCIE SCHWARTZES will be accepted.
3) Each contestant is only allowed ONE entry (that is, you can't enter in two pictures, one as Linda and one as Pattie). One picture per person.
4) When it comes time to VOTE on your favorite Beatle Girl, each contestant *is* permitted to vote for themself, but only ONCE. We want to keep this a fair competition.
5) At this time, there is NO picture deadline. *However*, if you plan on enterring, please do not put this off. Last year, we had a number of girls who expressed interest in joining the race, although they procrastinated until it became too late and the submission date had passed. We realize there's a whole process to fixing yourself up, whipping out the ol' camera, taking a few shots, developing them, and finally scanning them onto your computer. That's why we're giving you some time to send in your entry form. But whatever you do, don't take advantage of that free time slot! Once we recieve a sufficient amount of contestants, we shall announce a prompt deadline and all those entries that don't make it on time will be denied.
Submit Your MBC 2003 Entry Here!


Current Contestants:


Contestant # 1: Gwawr, as Jane Asher.


Contestant # 2: Mary, as Pattie Boyd.


Contestant # 3: Linda, as Linda McCartney.


Contestant # 4: Jessi, as Jenny Boyd.


Contestant # 5: Tara, as Jane Asher.


Contestant # 6: Andy, as Olivia Harrison.


Contestant # 7: Audrey, as Pattie Boyd.


Contestant # 8: Anna, as Maureen.


Contestant # 9: Jen, as Linda McCartney.


Contestant # 10: Alexia, as Cynthia Powell.