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"They say, if you can remember the '60s, you probably didn't live through them!"
Haha, nothing like a good drug joke. :) One of the most memorable faces of the Sixties was none other than the cute and petite Leslie Hornby (or more commonly known as *Twiggy*). Twiggy (a moniker granted by her frail 90 lb. figure) was *the* most famous model of the decade, scoring the cover of Vogue four times, in her prime. It was her elfin, innocent visage that set the standards and look for an entire generation of Beatle worshopping teens. With her stick-thin physique, and bold, heavy make-up, Twiggy's unforgettable style became the LOOK of the '60s. Girls wanted to *be* her, mimicing her dark doughy eyes, dressing in the latest mod minis, and even resulting to unhealthy eating habits to get that signature Twiggy figure. The impact Twiggy had in only the span of a four year modeling career was phenominal!
Not only was there an entire line of Twiggy products, gadgets, and trinckets, but you could find her face in nearly every fashion magazine. And at a mere 17 years of age at her fame's peak in 1966, her international stardom gave hopeful dreams to other teen aspiring models. We, at *GBB* adore Twiggy! Her beauty, style, courage, and innocence were admirable then, and still evident today! These days, Twiggy Lawson (married to Leigh Lawson, former flame to another '60s icon, Hayley Mills) has settled down in England, and devoted her money and efforts to the animal rights movement. She has remained good friends with Paul McCartney over the years, even being among the guest list to his 2002 wedding to Heather Mills.
This little spot on our site is dedicated to a great woman, whom we all admire and respect: Mrs. Twiggy Lawson.













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